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Meet Cubit

The technology we interact with on a daily basis has become complex. Future generations will require working knowledge of electronics and software. Cubit aims to provide the best framework for teaching kids about how technology doesn't have to stand alone and can be integrated into all aspects of life.

Cubit Smartware

Motors, sensors, lights, oh my!

"Smartware" is what we call the hardware you plug into the Cubit Controller, such as sensors (temperature, light, motion), output (motors, lights, buzzers, LCD screen), and input (buttons, knobs). Any Smartware may be plugged into any port on the Cubit Controller. They are "smart" because they identify themselves to the Cubit Controller so it knows how to interact with each Smartware.

Cubit Workshop

Mission Control

Workshop is a desktop app that allows you to program your Cubit Controller visually, without writing any code. Drag and drop functional blocks and wire them up, kind of like a flow chart. Alternatively, if you want to get into the code, you can write raw code and drop it into the visual programming system.
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Cubit Learning

Guided Plans to inspire your child!

Cubit empowers children to build their inventions through guided lessons that are carefully designed to tap into our natural curiosity about the world around us and how things work. By building, testing, and refining projects children discover their own creativity and learn the fundamental concepts of science and engineering through fun, interactive, projects.
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