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At Cubit, we believe that the importance of STEAM Education is driven by today’s focus on merging and blending technologies. We see that in everyday products such as our smartphones - no longer a phone but a combination of sophisticated hardware combined with clever software, and a fantastic level of design that makes the user experience a success. This is known as the 4th Industrial Revolution - the fusing of the digital, physical, and biological worlds. Cubit’s approach to STEAM Education emphasizes the integration of the various fields and an unconstrained problem-solving approach through design challenges in our curriculum themed around solving real-world problems.

Cubit Spotlight

Cubit Spotlight

Cubit was proud to partner with Loudoun County Public Schools summer STEM camp to introduce the district’s students to coding, robotics and the real world application of STEAM concepts. “It’s not programming for fun and games, but coding as a solution to a problem,” explained Elementary Science Resource Teacher Patricia Herr.

Utilizing Cubit customized curriculum, students constructed and programmed earthquake tables that simulated earth movement during earthquakes and the subsequent impact on man-made structures. The data collected through was applied through design thinking to the study of which structures respond best to extremes of motion such as those produced through seismic events.

Our Community

Cubit’s diverse user community includes schools at all grade levels and programs in a variety of settings, such as enrichment, after-school and summer school, and in class coding, robotics and STEAM programs.

The Cubit is a game changer. It makes programming and wiring so much easier for students. Students can now spend more time understanding concepts and being creative and less time being frustrated by obscure coding syntax

Andreas Kaiser
Benicia High School Robotics Teacher

The teachers spoke highly of training...and left very enthusiastic about incorporating Cubit into their curriculum.

Max Eissler
Chief Technology Officer, MUSD

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