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For Educators

It’s the sense of optimism, fun, and a technology that “just works” that builds successful STEAM programs. Cubit is a modular robotics platform designed by engineers and educators for K-12 STEAM Education. This key difference means that we understand the demands faced by educators to retrospectively design a STEAM technology platform

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For Families

We are a family owned company that started when two brothers grew up hacking and inventing together. We want to share the joy of those moments creating with software and electronics together. We envision a future where software and electronics empowers everyone to create.

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Meet Cubit

Cubit in classrooms

Meet Cubit

Our vision is to challenge the world to rethink the way we learn and create with blended technologies by Inspiring all young people to unleash their inner engineers, designers, and inventors to program and build amazing creations. Our mission is to nurture a future generation of inventors, creators, and builders.

Cubit Smartware

Cubit Smartware

Cubit hardware is called "Smartware" because each piece of hardware comes with it’s own tiny chip that allows it to “talk” to the Cubit controller. We have two types of smartware that are color coded. Inputs such as light, heat, and motion are yellow while outputs such as LED’s, music, and motors are color coded purple.

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Cubit Workshop

Cubit Workshop

Workshop is a desktop app that allows you to program your Cubit Controller visually, with or without writing any code. You can drag and drop functional blocks and connect them with virtual wires similar to a flow chart. As you grow your programming skills, you can write code using Cubit Workshop Custom blocks in the same program to seamlessly transition from visual programming to text coding.

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Cubit Learning

Cubit Learning

Guided investigations inspire children of all ages! Cubit projects capture your imagination as a point of inspiration for you to get started quickly. Cubit empowers everyone to build their inventions through guided lessons that are carefully designed to tap into our natural curiosity about the world around us and how things work.

Cubit in classrooms

Our Community

The Cubit is a game changer. It makes programming and wiring so much easier for students. Students can now spend more time understanding concepts and being creative and less time being frustrated by obscure coding syntax

Andreas Kaiser
Benicia High School Robotics Teacher

The teachers spoke highly of training...and left very enthusiastic about incorporating Cubit into their curriculum.

Max Eissler
Chief Technology Officer, MUSD

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