We believe in nurturing a future generation of inventors, creators and builders.

Founded by Family

Cubit started as two brothers who grew up hacking and inventing together. One has a passion for electronics while the other is an expert in software. We want to share those passions with everyone. We envision a future where software and electronics empowers everyone to create.

After years of hard work, we've created something with advanced and powerful features while remaining flexible, accessible, and easy to use.

Community Supported

With the help of our Kickstarter backers, we are finalizing our first product called Cubit. We can't say enough good things about our Kickstarter backers -- thank you all for helping us get here! Click on the video to the left to watch our Kickstarter campagin video from June 2015.

We've also partnered with many teachers, schools and libraries around the Bay Area. We are receiving overwhelming positive feedback from teachers and students alike. If you're an educator and interested in working with us, contact us!

Design Driven Values

Art & Design

Beautiful software that "just works" with hardware that clicks into place.

Science & Technology

We believe science, math and technology should be combined with design

Future Innovators

Learn to invent and create at any age.

Meet Us

Jason Gouw
Founder & CEO
Growing up with a father who taught me science, physics, electronics, and machines, I quickly fell in love with technology and became passionate about creating new ideas and bridging technologies.
Marvin Gouw
I've always liked to build but found it difficult to bring new ideas to life. I wanted to create anything I could think of and found that software had almost no limits for doing that.
Sean Thurston
Founder & CTO
Computers have always fascinated me. I started programming in High School and have never looked back. Programming should be a part of every kid's life and I want be part of making that happen.
Denise Fafette
Founder & COO
My grandfather sparked my interest in Science by sharing his love of nature and tinkering in his workshop. After earning my M.A. in Education from Stanford, I've been involved in developing STEAM programs to tap into students' natural curiosity.
Jimmy Chen
Industrial Designer
As a little kid, I loved transformers and was fascinated by their mechanics. My family encouraged me to draw and create "strange" things. I'm energized to be creative and do all kinds of design work.
Daniel Gando
Mechanical Engineer
I've always been curious about electronics, computers and engineering; this curiousity lead to a passion to learn and understand how things work. I want to share that experience to spark the desire to learn in younger generations.
Gabriel AlHarbi
Electronics Engineering Intern
I knew I always wanted to be an engineer, but I didn't always have the tools necessary growing up to truly explore the field. It is my hope to be a part of something that can help lower the barriers in electronics and inspire the next generation of tinkerers.
David LaHaie
Community Development Lead
From building computers and programming, technology has intrigued me my whole life. Today, children are being raised in a pivotal point of technology and communication and I aspire to reach out to students and educators regardless of background and make EdTech accessible.
Aislynn Cetera
Digital Media Intern
I've grown up in a tech filled world, and it's something that I feel most comfortable working around. I wanted to use my art skills to broaden how others view technology - going from a useful aid to an art form all its own.
Mason Hanson
Curriculum Developer
Growing up I was fascinated by everything tech and science. I’ve made it my mission to bring that same enthusiasm to educators and students of all backgrounds. I’m thrilled to combine my passions for science and education by designing learning experiences that engage and inspire.
Hugh Reynolds
Executive Advisor
As a founder of Havok, Swrve, and Kore Virtual Machines, Hugh has brought cutting edge technology companies from conception to success.
Christopher King
Head of Education Sales
After spending nearly 10 years in a high school classroom, I shifted over to the edtech space. I now spend my days establishing dynamic partnerships with school districts. However, my mission has remained the same - how can I help drive student achievement?
Loved by Creators of All Ages
"I have been using robots with microcontrollers in education for over 13 years. The Cubit is a game changer. It makes programming and wiring so much easier for students. Students can now spend more time understanding concepts and being creative and less time being frustrated by obscure coding syntax."
-Andreas Kaiser, Benicia High School Robotics Teacher
"I use Cubit to work on my interactive art projects...programming light and motion. It was incredibly easy to use; I didn't need to go into any of the technical details and could really focus on the design."
-Katya Obyedkova, Interaction Designer
"Cubit makes tech look very easy and relates to how things work in everyday life. It increases the level of understanding and logical thinking from a very young age."
-Aabhas Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director of Design at Mutated Pvt, Ltd.
"The teachers spoke highly of training...and left very enthusiastic about incorporating Cubit into their curriculum."
-Max Eissler, Chief Technology Officer, MUSD