Founded by Family

Cubit started as two brothers who grew up hacking and inventing together. One has a passion for electronics while the other is an expert in software. We want to share those passions with everyone. We envision a future where software and electronics empowers everyone to create. After years of hard work, we've created something with advanced and powerful features while remaining flexible, accessible, and easy to use.

Community Supported

With the help of our Kickstarter backers, we are finalizing our first product called Cubit. We can't say enough good things about our Kickstarter backers -- thank you all for helping us get here! Click on the video to the left to watch our Kickstarter campagin video from June 2015. We've also partnered with many teachers, schools and libraries around the Bay Area. We are receiving overwhelming positive feedback from teachers and students alike. If you're an educator and interested in working with us, contact us!

Design Driven Values

Art & Design

Beautiful software that "just works" with hardware that clicks into place.

Science & Technology

We believe science, math and technology should be combined with design

Future Innovators

Learn to invent and create at any age.

Inspire the Next Generation
of Inventors

Cubit Education
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