Cubit’s progressive coding instruction evolves as students gain mastery and experience. In addition to the benefits of strengthening design and computational thinking, improved problem solving, and increased communication skills, coding with Cubit encourages students to express their innate creativity and bring their own designs and inspiration into reality.

Cubit Workshop

Cubit Workshop’s LUA based coding provides an easy to use graphical drag-and-drop interface for beginners and also the option for direct text coding as they advance. Cubit Workshop also supports parallel processing. Multiple coding instructions can be executed at the same time, providing students vastly expanded opportunities to create projects of increasing creativity and complexity. Better yet, unlike other programs, Cubit Workshop is compatible with all levels Cubit Smartware, providing a unified programming platform for allowing for all Cubit projects and components.

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Programming Blocks

Cubit Coding Blocks are the foundation of coding with Cubit. Our programming blocks include core concepts of programming and is a full programming language with the same capabilities as popular languages used in the industry. These graphical and easy to use programming blocks allow you to program the Cubit controller, remotely control your creations, record remote telemetry, store variables, and run multiple program flow (known as loops). Flexible wires connect the programming blocks to display the outline or flow of your program. Cubit also offers a Custom Function Block, allowing students to implement even more advanced functions and scripts.

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