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Encouraging creativity doesn’t mean sacrificing learning!

Cubit is designed to grow with kids—one Cubit kit and our library of hands-on projects will keep them engaged for years to come.

Cubit’s dynamic learning activities enable students and their families to build science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) knowledge and skills at home through self-directed lessons that challenge, inspire, and engage young learners and adults alike. Our user-friendly platform and guided lessons are designed to be used by anyone at any skill level, whether you have experience with programming or robotics, or not. We believe everyone has the ability to become the next great inventor! Cubit makes it easy—and FUN—to understand and master STEAM concepts.


What is Cubit?

Cubit is an easy-to-use, powerfully simple product that brings together robotics, coding, engineering, and science-based inquiry to inspire and nurture the next generation of inventors, creators, and builders.

The Cubit system is designed to be modular for maximum possibilities, but relies on the following key components:

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What Skills Does Cubit Encourage?

Creativity & Imagination

Physical Science

Computer programming




Arts & Design

Cubit Projects

Cubit Projects Deliver Out-of-the-Box, Hands-on Learning for All Grades and Subjects—All Using the Same Versatile Cubit Kit!

Earthquake Simulator

Students will program a Shake Table and use it to design and test models of earthquake-safe structures. Students experiment in Cubit Workshop to write code to model the motion of seismic waves by shaking the 3D-printed Shake Table platform, then construct their earthquake-safe building model and conduct controlled testing to make claims about the safety of their structures. 

Light Seeking Rover

Students will imagine a world where living organisms can not survive,  and robots are primarily created to work in extreme environments.  Working individually, or in teams, the class will attempt to create a very simple self-driving robot that can study the surface of the Moon and other extraterrestrial objects and explore radioactive sites and deep ocean floors.

Force and Motion

Students will  build a Cubit Racer, a moving race car they will program to intelligently move and sort objects of different masses. Students will explore and explain how motion energy of the Racer causes change in the position of the objects as the Racer exerts a pushing force.

The Cubit Story

From an early age, Jason and Marvin Gouw were drawn to computers and electronics. Their father, a civil engineer, taught them basic electronics and programming when they were in elementary school—opening up for them a world of discovery, creativity, possibility and passion they didn’t know existed. 

For years, the brothers invented and hacked together. While Marvin excelled at the software and programming, Jason became a skilled hardware developer, experimenting early with 3D printing and circuit board milling. 

They formed Cubit with the purpose of unifying the fields of electrical, software and mechanical engineering by creating a tool and platform that would be very easy and highly intuitive to use, without sacrificing the advanced features needed to build more complex projects. The result is a product that meets students where they are—in age and skill—and provides endless opportunities to grow and excel in engineering, mathematics, robotics and design. “We want to make inventing fun and easy, and remove as many of the unnecessary barriers that prevent ALL children from being able to discover a true passion for STEAM.”

Inspire the Next Generation of Inventors

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