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Cubit projects tap into the fun in creating and we really enjoy working together to make creating with Cubit the best experience possible. Our projects combine design and engineering by integrating programming and building into one easy to use platform that can start simple and grow with you as you develop your skills through creating with Cubit. Cubit project inspirations have something for everyone: from smart cars, musical horns, bedazzled butterflies, and earthquake tables!

Cubit in classrooms
  • Makes laughter part of learning
  • Builds creative confidence
  • Invests in 21st century skills


Interactive lights, music and movement captivate everyone. Add to the mix, how quickly and easily changes can be made creates a love of tinkering and confidence to bring imaginations to life.


Children who already know how to code are just as captivated with the endless possibilities as children who have never coded before because Cubit integrates visual and text coding with plug and play hardware. Easy to read guides and video tutorials provide the platform to launch your imagination!

See How It Works


No soldering is required! Additionally, because delivering a safe educational robotics platform that can be used by the entire family is our mission, we took the extra step to test Cubit hardware in safety labs to ensure safe to use products for children aged 6+ and over.

I have been using robots with microcontrollers in education for over 13 years. The Cubit is a game changer. It makes programming and wiring so much easier for students. Students can now spend more time understanding concepts and being creative and less time being frustrated by obscure coding syntax.

Andreas Kaiser
Benicia High School Robotics Teacher

Endless Possibilities

Each kit can be reconfigured into multiple projects over the course of your school year. Projects can grow with student groups creating a part of a larger project or individual projects that can grow in complexity over time as students develop their creative skills. The flexible interface and rapid prototyping increases student persistence in project work. Design thinking with the incorporation of artistry with projects extends the ability for students’ self expression for a wide variety of project outcomes.

Family FAQ’s

Does my computer need to be constantly connected to the Cubit Controller?

Cubit talks to your computer wirelessly through Bluetooth. Once a program is sent to Cubit, it runs without requiring a connection to your computer.

How do I power Cubit?

You have the option of powering it directly from a USB power source or other DC power supply up to 6V. Smartware connected to the Controller will be powered automatically.

Can I attach my own sensors, motors or other electronics to Cubit?

Yes. Cubit also allows you to connect your own piece of electronics by using Cubit's Analog and GPIO Smartware. GPIO Smartware come with a set of general-purpose I/O pins for you to connect your own custom electronics. You can then create custom commands within Workshop to identify and use your customized piece of electronics!

Can I program Cubit outside of Workshop?

Yes. Cubit Controllers run Lua, an open source scripting language. The visual programming interface in Cubit Workshop is meant to help you create programs quickly without coding, but you can still write Lua code directly if you prefer.

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