Cubit Controller

The Cubit Controller is the brains of our system. It's a tiny computer that can collect sensor data and control buzzers, lights, motors, and more! Our controller communicates with our software through its built-in Bluetooth. Each Cubit Controller can connect up to six smartware directly through its six universal ports.

Cubit Smartware

Our hardware is easy to use because it’s plug and play, which means you plug it in and it’s recognized automatically in Cubit Workshop. The hardware is connected to the Cubit Controller by plugging in cables. You can unplug and rearrange smartware in the same Cubit Controller or another Cubit Controller. Our smartware includes LEDs, Buzzers, Motors, Sensors and more!

Cubit Projects

Our projects capture your imagination as a point of inspiration for you to get started quickly. The interchangeability of our smartware allows rapid prototyping, which means you can quickly create variations of the same project until you have that eureka moment of discovery and creativity.

Earthquake Table



Secret Book


  • Clear case reveal electronics safely
  • Cases are shaped (designed to easily move hardware)
  • Color coded smartware boards to highlight inputs and outputs
  • Plug and play hardware conections
  • Expander can add up to five additional smartware
  • Safely tested for children aged 6+

Cubit Workshop

Our software is easy to use because it’s visual drag-and-drop, which means you don’t need to know how to code before getting started. Visual or Text Coding – you decide.

Available for

Programming Blocks

Our programming blocks include core concepts of programming and is a full programming language with the same capabilities as popular languages used in the industry . The programming blocks allow you to program the Cubit controller, remotely control, record remote telemetry, store variables, and run multiple program flow (known as loops). Flexible wires connect the programming blocks to display the outline or flow of your program.

Download Cards


  • Visual drag and drop coding for beginners
  • Flexible wires allow you to visualize your thinking
  • Custom blocks open texting coding in same program
  • Run multiple programs simultaneously
  • Visualize, record, and debug data
  • Regions allow you to organize your workspace by function or groups

Benefits of Personalization

  • Start small and dream big
  • Expand and extend creatively
  • Redesign and repurpose inspirations

Cubit LearnShop

We have found that young people learn best with an interactive experience in learning and choices for learning to match how you learn best. We offer interactive tutorials right in Cubit Workshop, downloadable guides and programming cards, as well as short video tutorials. The downloadable guides offer step by step instructions while the programming cards are like gaming or sports cards that offer the description of each programming block for quick reference. Our video tutorials are short clips to demonstrate how to to build each project.



  • Blends art, design, and craftsmanship
  • Builds creative confidence
  • Develops collaborative skills
  • Practices critical thinking
  • Inspires the tinkerers at heart
  • Provides a supportive community

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