STEAM Education

STEAM Education

Cubit’s mission is to inspire and nurture the next generation of inventors, creators, and builders through a unique and powerful synergy of coding, robotics, and STEAM Education. Cubit empowers everyone to build their inventions through guided lessons that are carefully designed to tap into our natural curiosity about the world around us and how things work. Cubit projects are intentionally created to introduce students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics standards and practice. These include Next Generation Science Skills, design thinking and engineering, critical thinking, the scientific method and problem solving. Often left out in the STEAM equation, Cubit directly addresses support of the Arts. Cubit’s flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity and innovation fosters and encourages development of the Arts.

  • STEAM projects and lessons combining coding and robotics.
  • Skills reinforcement while allowing student to explore the worlds of science, technology, mathematics and engineering.
  • Differentiated projects for every grade and skill level.
  • Foundation lessons for every Cubit Kit level that teach students the functionality of each Smartware components and their respective Coding Blocks.
  • Customizable and flexible projects that complement a number of instructional settings,
  • Including Enrichment, After and Summer School Programs, and direct classroom instruction.
  • Teacher and Student Lesson Guides, Worksheets and Expansion Activities


Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project utilizes Cubit Servo Motors, Light Sensors and LED Light Strips to explore variations in flight speed and responses to external stimuli.

Earthquake Table

The Earthquake table simulates earth movement during earthquakes and the subsequent impact on man-made structures.

Horn Project

The Horn Project utilizes Cubit Buzzers and LED Light Strips to explore variations of sound, color and sound frequency.

Instructional Settings and Differentiated Curriculum

Cubit can be utilized in a wide array of instructional settings and grade levels. Cubit’s tiered approach to curriculum - for beginners to more advanced learners - allows for each student to move at their own pace and complete projects appropriate for their level of experience and skills mastery.

Instructional Settings

  • Classroom Instruction
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Enrichment Programs

Tiered Curriculum and Projects

  • Foundations Lessons
  • Skills Practice and Application
  • Culminating Projects

Cubit Project Matrix by Kit Level:

Roll over/click each Kit name to highlight the Projects range
Curiosity Kit
Explorer Kit
Pioneer Kit
Voyager Kit
Curiosity Kit Projects
Explorer Kit Projects
Pioneer Kit Projects
Musical Horn
Self-Driving Racer Car
Earthquake Table: Variable Speed (Advanced)
Water Quality Lab
Earthquake Table: single speed (Basic)
Rube Goldberg Open Challenge (Basic)
Rube Goldberg Open Challenge (Advanced)
Robotic String Can Telephone
Shake Table Wavemaker
(tsunamis, erosion)
Blossoming Flower Pot
Cubit Racer: Force, Mass, and Motion (w/IMU)
Automatic Doorbell
Organism Survival Advantages
Magnetic Field Detector
Intruder Alarm
Terrarium Monitor / Plant Environment Analyzer
Material Analyzer
Cubit Communication: Binary, Morse Code
Brightness, Shade, and Shadows
Tripwire Alarm
Designing Magnetic Shields
Ecosystem Tag Game
Magnetic Mystery Box
Addressing Invasive Species
Egg Drop Challenge
Game Show Buzzer
Planet Orbits Orrery
Measure The Sun
(solar panels, gardening)
Weather Station
Star Simulator
(distance and brightness)
Pollinator Model
LED Thermometer

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